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2023-2024 Mandatory Update

Join us for our fun and engaging BIC CE courses. We want you to BIC not IC!
We've Got What you Need!

2023-2024 Mandatory Update

Join us for our fun and engaging GEN CE courses. Not your everyday CE come and see!
We've Got That too!

Elective CE Courses

We offer an array of elective CE courses through our affiliate link! Check them out...but don't forget to check out with us first.
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Career Advancemnt hub

Take advantage of this opportunity! Our online learning courses are an outstanding way to learn skills and gain information. We offer high quality content in a fun and engaging way to help you progress in your career.
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Use our Career Advancement Hub to gain additional information as you further your career.  Check out our free courses and while you're there take a look at our other offerings.

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 Hub courses

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Imagine gaining an edge over your competition, expanding your network, increasing credibility, gaining self-confidence and boosting your earnings. Build trust and confidence with your clients. It's all possible with our career advancement training for real estate brokers.

 Our courses are designed to provide you with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to be a boss agent. Invest in your success and reap the rewards of a thriving real estate career.

***Not eligible for CE Credits***

Working with Sellers

File Management & Compliance

Property Management

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Our students love us

"This was one of the most enjoyable classes I've ever been a part of. The two of you are a great team. You both exuded warmth and sincerity for helping to educate and this was really appreciated. Love that you were keeping it real and breaking down the 'stuffiness' to keep your students engaged. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Great class!"
donna s
"This was a really fun class! Usually, the 4 hours drags by but participating made it go by much quicker. I liked using the chat a lot and thought that was a great way to get everyone to engage without it being awkward or having one person go off on a tangent."
amber a
"I am now retired. However, in the 25 years of being a broker I have never had a better experience in a CE class. I absolutely love the team teaching approach. Pam and Thursday are tremendous, uplifting and knowledgeable. I now know where I will be taking all of my CE classes in the future and I will be sure to spread the word."
steven 4
"Thursday and Pam did an excellent job conveying the necessary information required in our mandatory GENUP class! Thursday delivered the content in a witty, but clear and simple fashion, while Pam facilitated the poll questions, clarified certain scenarios, and ensured that we were all clear on the correct answers. 
I will certainly sign up for Continuing Education classes with CE Collective in the future and will be sure to recommend my colleagues. "
lee k
"These ladies were great! The layout of the course, questions and answers was so helpful, not to mention a few laughs along the way. Probably one of the best CE classes I've ever attended, and I've been in this business for 20 years! "
Debra v
"Hands down the best CE I have had to pleasure of attending.
Pam and Thursday are great, fun, engaging, and never boring.
It's clear that they work very hard and love what they do.
Thank you guys so much. 
PS. I was taking a night class!
I can't imagine what it's like during the day "
scott m
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Meet our core team

We're the perfect mix of fun and dedication, bringing contagious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to our work. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our students, empowering them with our knowledge and wisdom. We are always ready to teach and assist.

Thursday Brown Rice

Certified Education Provider

Pamela P Robinson

Certified Education Provider